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Japan Drag Typhoon Funnel and Air cleaner System

Japan Drag Typhoon Funnel and Air cleaner System[Finned Mat Black Φ5-1/2inch D2-5/8inch] 

Simply the best engineered funnel and air cleaner cover system I've ever se…

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Owner's Blog
Some chop shops in EU
I had some souvenirs from EU trip last year.
There are quite few of them. Many are magazines and photo books, but I also bought few parts.
I would like to share some here.

This sticker is from Krazy horse in St. Bury Edmund UK. The owner, Paul Beamish, is a famous builder already. We toured France, Holand, Germany, Swizeland, Spain and Italy together. Very long run, but fun.

He originally made a 4 pot billet brake with Zero curving. It is on my bike.

and visited a biker meeting at harbour. I forgot the name, about about 150km away from St. Bury Edmund.

Sticker from Officine marmaid, Milan Italy

Sticker from Kiddo motorcycles, Barcelona Spain

Seat I got from Absolute cycles, Paris France. It is said to be made by a master leather craftman from Hermes. Although the brand is mainly for ladies, the craftman's work is seriously top level. Only 2 made is the past.